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Light gantry crane

Light gantry crane

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Light Gantry crane
Light Gantry crane
is also called simple gantry crane gantry crane, light portal crane, travelling crane, mobile gantry crane, The capacity is from 100kg to 5000 kg. For the places in which cantilever crane is not possible or economical, gantry crane can be applied. Furthermore, gantry crane can be disassembled into several parts which are easy for transportation; in another application place, it is quick to assemble. This can bring many benefits in many occasions.

Light gantry crane (crane, Crane,, Derek) can accomplish the most difficult lifting tasks. Light gantry crane can be installed in any ordinary 15 cm thick reinforced concrete floor, not to the roof of the building structure applying pressure, the use of prefabricated standard modular design structure, can be easily with the unit of work center expansion and extension.In the domestic supply of the products for the steel, the capacity is 75kg-5000kg, the total length of girder can reach 10m.

1. Easy to install, moved and expanded
2. Compared with the traditional beam cranes, closed rail design handling by use of force is only one third
3. width of span more, layout more flexible

The maximum can be 5000kg, a variety of orbital model and span
Prefabricated modular design to made expanded and moved more easily
Can be installed on any ordinary 15 cm thick, reinforced concrete floor
Closed rail design can reduce the contamination of dirt and dust
Steel fixed rail is more conducive to load positioning
High strength cold rolled forming steel light weight high precision rolling, smooth surface, reducing the resistance of the trolley wheel
Wide applicability, and can be used in many material handling environment
For a single unit of work is very affordable
It is portable installation , reducing installation time and cost
Can increase the operator satisfaction
Implementation of secure operating environment
By improving the production efficiency can be achieved by rapid return on investment